Today’s checklist

I worked quite a bit on the enemy sailing system yesterday, and last night, and this morning, ugh, and it's quite difficult to code what I want, and when I do, it turns out that what I want isn't what I need. Anyways, continuing to work on bot sailing is certainly on my checklist for today. But before I completely burn out on the problem, what else can I work on?

  1. Bot AI
  2. Particles shown when capturing the enemy's treasure
  3. Add patrol paths for bot ai
  4. Add a health meter to the hud
  5. Use damaged ship sprites
  6. Respawn after dying
  7. Enemy loot
  8. Add Currents (speed boosts) throughout the map
  9. Add extra cannon upgrade(s) throughout map
  10. Class selection
  11. Add Repair ship
  12. Investigate ship mass
  14. Spike on multiple cannon shots
  15. Spike on removing mouse aim
  16. Add Navigation2D for bots to use in retreat mode.
  17. Cannonball trail

Wow, that's a lot! And I'm certain each point could be expanded to include several more. Seeing this long list will help steer my focus toward other tasks when I've spent too much time diving deep on a particular task.

I'm going to start this day with a spike on networking code because it's the biggest unknown to me and I'm excited about trying out Godot's implementation.

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